Use Student Housing During Your London Trip

Among the least known accommodation options in London is the student housing. One of the reasons for its lesser popularity is the fact that in general it is not available year-round; it is open to the general public only during school vacations.

Most often the university residences are open to the non-student public in April and June-September. Visitors who are able to rent the rooms in the student housing usually enjoy it – for a number of reasons.

First of all, student-housing buildings are often located very conveniently – close to the biggest tourist attractions, public transport (tube and bus) and eateries (restaurants, pubs and cafes).

Secondly, student housing is usually well maintained, rooms are cleaned daily. In fact, the rooms, bathrooms and showers are usually much cleaner, bigger and better equipped than those at budget hotels or B&B’s.

Very often guests can use college amenities such as gyms, tennis courts, laundry rooms, kitchens, TV rooms, etc. You can even use a library at some places! บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Student housing facilities usually are surrounded by restaurants and cafeterias serving great but inexpensive food. There are also grocery stores around to buy some food. It is possible to prepare meals – in the student kitchen – but it is much more convenient and often cheaper to buy meals at the university pub or cafeteria. You can eat there not only breakfast (with choice of English or continental), but also dinner (rarely available at B&B’s).

Student housing rates are very modest and many guests are nicely surprised with the value they are getting for their money. Especially if they had a bad experience at any of the London budget hotels, hostels or B&B’s.

Moreover, university residences offer bed configurations hard to find at other places, e.g. quad rooms or 5-bed rooms or family rooms with full en-suite bathroom (shower and toilet.

If you are interested in trying university housing, reservations are highly recommended, as the residences are very popular among international students who often stay in London for a month or two. Longer stays are most economical, as special rates apply for them; you can get the best deal if you pay in advance for a long stay.

Some of the university residences do not accept non-students and/or have a required minimum stay, however there are some that offer lodging not only during school vacations – they rent available space during the whole calendar year. The following facilities do just that:

  • International Student House, 229 Great Portland St., ph.: 020/7631-8300, tube: Great Portland Street (800 beds);
  • College Hall, Malet St., ph.: 020/7580-9131, tube: Russell Square (200 rooms);
  • Campbell House, 5-10 Taviton St., ph.: 020/7391-1479, tube: Euston

Vacation Bureau at King’s College (127 Stamford St., ph.: 020/7928-3777) coordinates B&B services available at six university residence halls in central London. They may find you a bed for a night or longer if you’re desperate, but it is always preferable when you call ahead of time and make a reservation.

For an extensive listing of University College London Residence Halls, Intercollegiate Halls and Student Hotels showing addresses, phones, etc. go to this website:

For more information on student housing you can also contact British University Accommodation Consortium (PO Box 1564, Nottingham NG7 2RD; ph.: 00 11 44 – 115 950 4571).


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